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Updated: Nov 18, 2018

To hold myself accountable, I’m going to update a post once a week with my word counts. As long as I’m making about 10 pages of progress a day, I’m calling it good. Now, I don’t want to spam anyone’s inbox, so it’s going to be on ongoing edit to this post only. If you want to keep up, come back to this post.

Before I get started, I also want to thank everyone who said they’d like a free digital copy of If I Let You Go. As a new writer, I understand that the trust isn’t there yet, so I want to give anyone who is interested the chance to get to know my style. A few of you have said you don’t want a free copy and you’re going to pay. That’s amazing to me. Thank you!

So, here we go!

Starting – 44,244

December 28: 44,683 (approximately on page 20 – made changes and added a 300 word addition to a scene to improve tone)

December 29: Oops. I was so tired I fell asleep at 8 PM… Double the work tomorrow?

December 30: 46,339. Perfect, because I may be going away and be unable to edit for a few days. Added a badass new chapter and made changes. Somehow, I’ve ended up with 13 additional MS Word pages since starting.

December 31: x

January 1: x

January 2: x

January 3: Way too tired. x

January 4: Way too tired and worked overtime… 46,376. Worked on 2-3 pages. Ouch. This is harder than I thought.

January 5: 46,547. I added more to the prologue and cleaned some stuff up. It’s hard to believe I’ve added 14 pages by restructuring things and making additions. It’s a little nutty to think that I’m already about 20% into this edit. I’ll definitely be done by the end of the month and probably sooner, barring anything disastrous. I do feel a sore throat coming on…

January 6: x

January 7: Theoretically, I should be finishing up on page 110, but I’m only on page 46 due to the time it takes to write additions. I’ve been editing for an hour, and I’ve only added 100 words (including many subtractions). Perhaps the 10 page a day goal was too much? Ending on: 46,879, page 51

January 8: x, out of town

January 9: 47,239. I’m in the middle of writing a new chapter, but haven’t gotten very far. I worked overtime today. The best part of editing is realizing I need to add more because writing is so much more enjoyable. Here’s to hoping I don’t need to go over these additions 5 times like I have with everything else!

January 10: 47,707. In the middle of a new chapter in a totally new environment with new characters and it’s messing me up a little. Probably going to have to go back and revise later…

January 11: 48,054

January 12: 48,932. This new chapter is getting long. My new character is a total d*ck.

January 13:

(edit: I gave up keeping track after this point. I went on to complete more editing drafts and finished in September or October of 2017)

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