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Social Media

Custom social media management tailored to your needs. I provide social media marketing strategy and execute it in a way that will boost your business' digital profiles. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or another service you need a hand with, your business will receive the personalized attention it deserves.


I specialize in writing website content and blogs. In addition to providing entertaining articles, I have served businesses in a variety of industries across the globe by creating SEO-enriched content for their websites, brochures, and internal/external communications.


Contact me to learn more about my writing service and rates.

Manuscript Critique

This is the most budget-friendly option for writers who have their initial drafts completed, but would like an opinion about their work as a whole. I will read your manuscript and deliver a written critique of its strengths and weaknesses, as well as potential solutions. Please note, this service does not provide the detail of the developmental editing package, but addresses glaring issues. After the critique, you will have a better understanding of your manuscript and a guide for tackling revisions.


Starting at $0.006/word

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing addresses big-picture storytelling. A close read concludes with a written analysis of your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, along with solutions. Your manuscript will be marked with heavy comments addressing pace, continuity, plot, character, voice, etc. 

Starting at $0.02/word

Line Editing

During line editing, I make changes at the sentence and paragraph level to improve the flow, clarity, and impact of the text while maintaining the work’s original tone. This heavy editing option utilizes Track Changes and focuses on word strength, structure, consistency, etc. This package emphasizes craft, but I am happy to point out other issues as I see them.


Starting at $0.02/word


Proofreading is the last line of defense and polishes off easy-to-miss issues such as grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors. This is a great option for writers who are confident in the style, structure, and consistency of their text, but just need an extra set of eyes to guarantee that their work appears professional.


Starting at $0.015/word

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SIGNET logo.jpg

SIGNET Electronic Systems, Inc.

Norwell, MA

Previous work includes social media management, internal communications, graphic design, website management, email marketing, event management, and more.

Half Moon Media logo.png

Half-Moon Media, LLC.

Houston, Texas

As a Half-Moon Media consultant, I assist owner Cody Half-Moon with social media management and writing.

Village at Duxbury logo.PNG

Welch Senior Living/The Village at Duxbury

Duxbury, MA

Wrote for and edited The Village Happenings, advertisements, newsletters, brochures, and biographies. Provided event assistance and organized photo shoots.

Credit Donkey Donkey Head.PNG

Credit Donkey

I wrote several long and short-form car insurance articles for targeted audiences.

Rafail Insurance Agency.PNG

Rafail Insurance Agency

Houston, Texas

As a Half-Moon Media consultant, I wrote blog posts for Rafail Insurance Agency.

First Class Mortgage Advice.PNG

First Class Mortgage Advice

Edinburgh, Scotland

In conjunction with WhiteTip SEO Agency, I wrote web copy for First Class Mortgage Advice's new website.

Alcatraz-Edinburgh Locksmiths logo.PNG

Alcatraz-Edinburgh Locksmiths

Edinburgh, Scotland

As a writer for WhiteTip SEO, I wrote the homepage web copy for Alcatraz-Edinburgh Locksmiths.

Folks Pillpack logo.png

Folks: A PillPack Magazine

Somerville, MA

PillPack (owned by Amazon) featured a wellness article I wrote, which received nearly 300 shares on social media.

Circa Real Estate logo.jpg

Jeri Jensen, Licensed REALTOR®

Houston, Texas

Projects included written marketing materials, including MLS write-ups and a video script.

WhiteTip SEO logo.PNG

WhiteTip SEO

Edinburgh, Scotland

As a writer for WhiteTip SEO, I wrote articles and website copy for businesses in the United Kingdom.

Sci fi and Scary logo.PNG

Sci-Fi & Scary

As a published author, I guest-posted on sci-fi/horror website, Sci-Fi & Scary.

Smartlox Logo.PNG


Edinburgh, Scotland

I wrote promotional copy in conjunction with WhiteTip SEO.

Top Tenz.PNG

Top Tenz

For Top Tenz, I wrote long-form "listicles" geared toward a social audience in search of educational entertainment.

Comely Bank Glazing.PNG

Comely Bank Glazing

Edinburgh, Scotland

Projects included writing web copy as a WhiteTip SEO consultant.

Real Firewood Company.PNG

Real Firewood Company

Duns, Scotland

In conjunction with WhiteTip SEO Agency, I wrote web copy and articles for Real Firewood Company.

Who I've Worked With:

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