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The searing, dystopian novel about an underground society struggling to survive after biological weapons have destroyed the world. 

Years after biological warfare decimates much of the world, humanity survives in underground bunkers. When Edwin earns a spot among the leftover ruling class, he finds himself pitted against a growing rebellion determined to annihilate its masters, forever putting a stop to their cruel ways.

Edwin quickly discovers that life on the other side of the compound isn't what it seems. The colony faces eradication while he makes a choice - to live well with a heartless enemy or suffer among his stone-cold peers. As one of the few people who can speak, will Edwin find the courage to discover his voice and give the compound real hope for a better future – before it’s too late?

Told in the tradition of George Orwell's 1984, Kass Morgan's The 100, and Kurt Vonnegut's short story "Harrison Bergeron," this stunning, post-apocalyptic story hones in on humanity's center.

If I Let You Go ratings

"Haunting and suspenseful, If I Let You Go is an emotionally driven story about authority, rebellion, and humanity's center."

-Foreword Reviews

"Dufault is a talented writer who has delivered a highly-detailed world, with characters readers will genuinely root for."

-BlueInk Review

"A solid debut from Ashley Dufault. It sets up a believable world, and populates it with characters worth reading about. ... If you’re a fan of grim dystopian fiction, this is worth a read."

-Amazon Review

"Dufault is one of those authors who chooses her words carefully. And the plot of the book was well thought out, too. I described it as "Handmaid's Tale" meets "Wool"... a very solid first novel for Ashley Dufault, and a pleasure to read."

-Kindle Review

"If I let You Go is an interesting take on the post apocalyptic/dystopian genre. The world in this book is both frightening and capturing with scenes and environments that kept me reading page after page."

-Kindle Review



Thank you for buying my book and supporting my writing addiction. If I Let You Go was a book written from the heart, from the depths of my imagination, and with a thousand hours of drafts, edits, and rewriting. 

And thank you to everyone who made this book possible. You know who you are.

Stay tuned for my next book,

coming soon.

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