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Updated: Nov 18, 2018

In between life and worries and adventures, I’ve edited about 6,000 words and added another thousand or so. I have 5,000 left. I could bang them out today if I wanted to, possibly finish up on Monday. This is starting to feel very real. I’ve made two possible covers and my PhotoShop Wizard is going to help me test out more. This all feels very real now.

A handful of things I want to do to market this book:

  • T-Shirts – I’ll probably give them to family and friends at first, then sell to the general public if they actually like and wear them. Requires some designing.

  • Business cards – A well-known marketing trick is to leave your business cards everywhere. Mailing something out? Insert a business card. Renting a book from the library? Insert a business card. Checking out some books in a store? Oops, I dropped my business card inside of every book in my genre, how did that happen?

  • Pencils/Pens – Someone is going to give me shit for this because what am I really going to put on them? Will anyone actually look, and if so, will they then take the extra step to look up my book? This idea requires more research. I honestly just love the idea of having custom writing utensils. Dorky, I know.

  • Website – This could be painful. I’ve gone the GoDaddy design route before as an experiment and it was cringe-worthy. I know nothing about web design, so things could get interesting. (Edit: clearly if you're here, this has worked out! However, designing a website was very painful, and I eventually hired Half-Moon Media to custom-create one for me)

  • Contact bloggers to review the book – I will be contacting book reviewers to give me honest write-ups about the book. Some of the more positive reviews might have a sentence or two that make it onto my book cover, which is also great exposure for the blog. The plan is to email people PDFs as the book is processing on Amazon, but if anyone has better suggestions, shoot away.

In short, there’s still a lot of work to be done. It goes far beyond just writing and editing. I turned 25 on the 6th and I’m very excited to be sure I’ll publish in the next few months.

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